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Miriel elden ring , Where location Miriel the Pope Turtle Elden Ring

Where is miriel elden ring - Elden Ring takes a much lighter tone than previous From Software games, even if it doesn't always seem that way. It's full of bits of humor in different forms, and Miriel is one of the most notable. 

Encountering a giant turtle wearing a potato hat is not something veterans expected. If we add to that Miriel's soft voice, and above all a great disposition, it is not surprising that this is one of the characters most appreciated by players along with Ranni (for completely different reasons) and Blaidd.

A fun fact about Miriel is that George RR Martin loves turtles and he had several in his apartment when he was young. Her presence in Elden Ring could be seen as a wink on his part. 

Miriel elden ring , Where location Miriel the Pope Turtle Elden Ring

Where can I find Miriel elden ring?

This large turtle can be found in the Church of Oaths, atop a cliff east of Liurnia. It's easy enough to get to by using the jump points with Torrentera along the southernmost cliff, or by climbing up the bridge ruins. The church it is in has many key items, such as the sewing kit and the golden sewing needle for Boc, as well as the fountain that allows you to wash away your sins, be forgiven, and bring certain NPCs back to life using Heavenly dew.

Miriel elden ring , Where location Miriel the Pope Turtle Elden Ring

Role playing, spells and dialogue

What makes Miriel so interesting is that he sells enchantments and sorceries, and you can give him all your enchantment tomes, as well as your spell scrolls. It is by far the best option if you are a mage because it centralizes all your spells. and besides this, he is near a point of grace.

Additionally, unlike Corhyn, Sellen, and Seluvis, he does not move, die, or become hostile if you attack him by mistake. Finally, unlike two of the characters listed above, Miriel's behavior is pleasant, advocating tolerance, understanding, and the fact that he will learn with you, rather than treating the books as heretical works. He's a breath of fresh air in this universe, and it's hard not to appreciate him.

Miriel elden ring , Where location Miriel the Pope Turtle Elden Ring

Miriel will also tell you about the game's lore, for example, the relationship between Rennala and Radagon. Or the mysterious statue of Radagon that would hide a secret according to him, as is the case, as we will discover later, in the mission of Corhyn and Golden Mask.

If you really are a monster in the game and in real life, and decide to kill Miriel despite her gigaton of hit points and his pleas, she will drop a Sphere that can be returned to the Round Table. But the trauma that he will develop as a result of this unspeakable act is certainly not worth it.

Miriel and the Sphere Hunter

However, there is a very specific situation during which Miriel will temporarily disappear, if you enter the church at night, after having traded with him at least once. Then there is a high chance that a Sphere Hunter will appear instead. This is a pretty dangerous optional boss. But don't worry, killing this boss or dying, Miriel will respawn, he is not dead.

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